FACT CHECK: Has VP Chiwenga Assaulted His New Wife?
15 January 2024
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Fact Check Analysis: Claim of Assault by Vice President Chiwenga on His New Wife

Claim: A picture circulating on social media suggests that Vice President Constantino Chiwenga of Zimbabwe has assaulted his new wife, resulting in severe facial injuries.


The claim includes an image purportedly showing the wife with bloody bruises on her face after being caught talking with the son of President Emmerson Mnangagwa.


  1. Source Verification: Calls to Vice President Chiwenga’s office were made to verify the claim. The response received indicated that the allegations are baseless and unfounded.
  2. Image Analysis:
  • Facial Comparison: A detailed facial comparison was conducted on the images circulated online. The analysis focused on the facial structure, specifically assessing features such as cheekbones, jawline, and eye spacing.
  • Result: The face structure scans revealed significant differences, indicating that the images are of two distinct individuals. The woman in the viral image is identified as slim, which does not match the known appearance of Chiwenga’s wife.

3. On-Site Journalism: At 11am, journalists physically visited Vice President Chiwenga’s office. This direct approach provided an opportunity to gather firsthand information and observe any potential evidence supporting the claim.Observation: The visit revealed no indications or evidence to support the allegations of assault. The environment and interactions within the office did not corroborate the claims made online.

Verdict: Based on the evidence gathered, including official statements and a thorough facial comparison analysis, the claim that Vice President Chiwenga has assaulted his new wife is false. The image circulating online is misleading and does not depict Chiwenga’s wife. The evidence points to the use of an unrelated image to fabricate the story.

Conclusion: The claim about Vice President Chiwenga assaulting his new wife leading to severe facial injuries is unsubstantiated and misleading. The verification process, including official responses and facial comparison technology, has debunked the claim. The public is advised to be cautious of unverified and potentially harmful misinformation circulating on social media. – ZimEye