Woman Who Successfully Exposed Contaminated Water Scandal Freed
20 January 2024
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By Dorrothy Moyo | Sandra Mazvita Pamberi, the courageous woman who brought attention to a contracting company that is distributing potentially Cholera-tested water, has been released from custody. The viral video she shared on social media, confronting Adel Contracting for allegedly selling water contaminated with sewage, sparked a public outcry.

In a dramatic court appearance yesterday, Sandra Pamberi faced charges of transmitting false data with the intent to cause harm. Represented by Advocate Taona Sibanda, she vehemently defended her actions, asserting that her motive was to protect the public.

Despite being ordered to pay a $100 bail, surrender her passport, and remanded until January 26, Pamberi’s release has sparked conversations about the importance of whistleblowers in exposing potential health hazards.

The State, led by Mr. Rufaro Chonzi, alleges that on January 15, Pamberi recorded a video in Greystone Park, accusing Adel Contracting of pumping sewage water into their delivery truck. She shared the video on various social media platforms, claiming the company was endangering residents in upmarket areas like Borrowdale.

While legal proceedings continue, Pamberi’s actions have already impacted the company, with the state accusing her of attempting to harm Adel Contracting’s reputation and financial interests. As the controversy unfolds, Pamberi’s release signals a pivotal moment for those advocating for transparency in public safety matters.