Chigodora Leaks That He Slept With A Man for Money
26 January 2024
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Courtroom Revelation: Chigodora Man’s Shocking Confession over Inheritance Dispute

In a surprising turn of events at Headman Chigodora’s court, Chase Matondo, a resident of Chigodora, made a startling confession that has stirred the local community. The Weekender reports that the case, which began as an inheritance dispute, unraveled into a story involving unconventional means of acquiring money.

Matondo had brought his stepmother, Mrs. Rose Matondo, to court, accusing her of unfairly benefiting from the sale of a truck. This vehicle, he claimed, was purchased with money he had earned under extraordinary circumstances. The core of his argument was that his late father’s will entitled him to profits from the truck’s sale.

The court was stunned when Matondo revealed that he had engaged in a sexual relationship with a white man, a relationship for which he was financially compensated. This money, he stated, was given to his father, who then used it to purchase the truck in question. Matondo’s confession about his involvement in what he described as “homosexual acts” left the audience in disbelief, especially as he expressed no regret over his actions.

Despite his candidness, Matondo’s primary contention was with the eventual sale of the truck and his lack of financial benefit from it. He insisted that an agreement with his late father and a supposed will supported his claim.

Responding to these accusations, Mrs. Matondo expressed her dismay and denied owing