CCC Sets A Committee To Persuade Chamisa To Return
31 January 2024
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By Political Correspondent – Factions within the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) unveil conflicting plans in the wake of Nelson Chamisa’s departure.

The leadership battle for control over the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) escalated yesterday as rival factions within the party outlined divergent strategies following Nelson Chamisa’s recent resignation.

A faction aligned with Chamisa disclosed plans during their Citizens National Assembly (CNA) to engage with the former leader while announcing the formation of an administrative committee to steer the party during this transitional period. CCC spokesperson Promise Mkwananzi asserted their determination not to surrender the party to Sengezo Tshabangu.
“In that regard, the CNA resolved never to surrender the struggle to Zanu PF and its cronies and will do everything possible to defend the people’s struggle and citizens’ interests, including court cases, illegal recalls and impostors, political arrests, the position of our deployees in councils and Parliament, shrinking democratic space, economic challenges, illegitimacy, and many others,” Mkwananzi stated.
He further revealed the appointment of Senator Jameson Timba as the chairperson of the administrative committee, which includes prominent figures like Lesley Mkurazhizha, Ralf Magunje, Gideon Shoko, David Chimini, Prince Dubeko-Sibanda, Morgan Ncube, Gondongwe, Susan Matsunga, Josiah Makombe, and Maggie Chakabuda.
On the other side, Tshabangu’s faction, acknowledging Chamisa’s resignation, opted to revert to the 2019 structures of the MDC Alliance. In a statement, the faction emphasized the importance of reaffirming resolutions adopted in general, particularly returning to legitimate party structures as of the Gweru congress in 2019.
Mutare Central Member of Parliament, Brian James, became the second CCC legislator to resign after Fadzayi Mahere. In a statement, James expressed his belief that the party had been hijacked, raising concerns about its effectiveness in securing electoral reforms while controlled by the ruling party. James announced his intention to formally resign from the Parliament of Zimbabwe after pledging loyalty to Chamisa. The power struggle within the CCC adds further uncertainty to the political landscape, with competing visions for the party’s future.