Another Senior Official Dumps CCC, Follows Chamisa
3 February 2024
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By Political Reporter- Former Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) MP for Binga North, Prince Dubeko Sibanda, has resigned from the opposition party, echoing the sentiments of ex-leader Nelson Chamisa that the party is “infiltrated and contaminated beyond redemption.”

Sibanda, who was among the first batch of 15 elected politicians recalled from Parliament by Sengezo Tshabangu in October 2023, resisted the urge to immediately follow Chamisa’s resignation, hoping that the remaining members could salvage the party’s infrastructure.

However, Sibanda claimed that attempts to initiate the formation of a steering committee to run the party’s affairs were in vain.

He accused those claiming leadership within CCC of being motivated by titles and personal gains rather than the struggle of the majority.

Sibanda emphasised that his departure from CCC does not mean retirement from politics, and he will continue engaging with communities while awaiting the direction promised by Nelson Chamisa.