Mnangagwa Invests in Modelling Amidst Healthcare Crisis
4 February 2024
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By A Correspondent

In a perplexing display of misplaced priorities, President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration chose to allocate funds towards a modelling initiative while Zimbabwe grapples with a severe shortage of vital medications.

The government, under the pretext of promoting national identity, spent significant amounts of money on a modeling event instead of addressing pressing issues affecting the country, such as a cholera outbreak and persistent economic challenges.

Zanu PF, in a statement released on Saturday, highlighted an update from Masvingo Province, where a fundraising dinner hosted by YoungWoman4ED focused on promoting the national fabric with the theme “My Culture, My Pride #JiratakayendanaAmai.” The dinner took place at the Flamboyant Hotel.

The event was graced by Minister of Tourism, Honourable Barbra Rwodzi, who served as the guest of honour.

Other notable attendees included Ezra Chadzamira, Minister of ICT and YoungWoman4ED national Chairman Tatenda Mavetera, Yeukai Simbanegavi and Zanu PF Masvingo Provincial Chairman Robson Mavhenyengwa.

The symbolism of the national bird for Zimbabwe and the zigzag design representing Great Zimbabwe was discussed during the event.

Chadzamira also acknowledged the tourism industry’s positive contribution to the economy in 2023.

Commending YoungWoman4ED for promoting the national dress as a symbol of Great Zimbabwe and the Zimbabwean bird, Chadzamira highlighted various initiatives, including a goat-rearing program launched across all 7 districts to empower women.

The fundraising dinner witnessed significant pledges, with Marisa World Wide and other business figures contributing over $1000.

The successful event attracted various organizations, government officials, Zanu-PF leadership, and members of the business community.

Minister of Tourism, Babra Rwodzi, lauded “Her Excellency” for designing a fabric that reflects and symbolizes Zimbabwean culture. The prints on the fabric were explained, emphasizing their cultural significance.

The evening concluded with a modeling show, featuring representatives from all 7 districts showcasing the national dress in categories such as smart casual, culture, and traditional prints. Notably, the culture showcasing brought emotional moments as the Chiredzi model performed the “bhengu bhengu” dance from the Tshangani culture, leaving honorable ministers and MPs visibly moved.