Tshabangu Lands Parliament Seat Through Back Door
10 February 2024
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By Political Reporter- In a move indicative of his insatiable thirst for power, the controversial and self-imposed CCC interim secretary general, Mr Sengezo Tshabangu, has orchestrated his entrance into Parliament through a dubious backdoor manoeuvre.

Tshabangu, exhibiting a clear display of power hunger, has manoeuvred himself into a position as a Senator by shamelessly nominating himself to fill one of the vacant party seats in the Senate and the National Assembly.

The vacancies, conveniently created by Tshabangu’s recall of CCC legislators, served as the perfect opportunity for him to advance his political agenda.

Tshabangu’s machinations include recalling elected National Assembly legislators and local authority councillors, triggering by-elections that ultimately favoured Zanu PF.

However, Tshabangu, driven by an unbridled desire for authority, exploited a loophole in the electoral process.

For those elected under the party lists, the CCC had to submit replacement names to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, allowing Tshabangu to sidestep any democratic scrutiny.

The list of Tshabangu’s handpicked candidates for the National Assembly and Senate positions was formally gazetted by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission chairperson, Justice Priscilla Chigumba.

Despite the controversial nature of Tshabangu’s manoeuvre, objections are permitted within a 14-day window.

In Bulawayo, Tshabangu’s stronghold, he strategically nominated candidates for Senate seats, virtually replacing the entire CCC Bulawayo contingent.

This calculated move underscores Tshabangu’s relentless pursuit of influence within the party ranks.

Tshabangu’s power-hungry tactics are further exemplified by his nominations for Matabeleland North vacancies, where he, alongside Teresa Kabondo and Grace Mumpande, seeks to replace established figures within the party.

The shadow of Hellen Zivira, Gideon Shoko, and others looms as Tshabangu attempts to consolidate his grip on party positions.

In the National Assembly, Tshabangu selected a list of nominees for the women’s quota seats, solidifying his control over the party’s legislative representation.

How Tshabangu orchestrates these appointments underscores his determination to reshape the political landscape to suit his ambitions.

As the by-election results solidify Zanu PF’s dominance, courtesy of Tshabangu’s recalls, the political arena witnesses a blatant power play.

Tshabangu’s manoeuvres reflect his unapologetic power hunger and contribute to Zanu PF’s strengthening grip on a two-thirds majority in the National Assembly.

In this political chess game, Tshabangu emerges as a central player, driven by an unyielding appetite for authority and control.