Exposing Belly Politicians
13 February 2024
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12 February 2024

By Zaka Villager

The rampant corruption and self-serving agendas within the opposition have caused immense damage.

It’s distressing to see the supposed champions of democracy fail to combat corruption, greed, and power struggles.

Despite advocating for change, some opportunistic politicians continue to prioritize personal gain over serving the people.

Communities like Namibia district and others abroad have made significant sacrifices, morally, materially, and financially, in support of the national democratic revolution led by President Advocate Nelson Chamisa.

Despite facing challenges like the Khupe and Mwonzora sagas sponsored by ZANU-PF, the formation of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) in January 2022 initially seemed like a step forward in combating infiltration.

However, opportunists persisted.The journey to the chaotic elections on August 23rd and 24th, 2023, was arduous for Namibia district and diaspora communities worldwide.

We had to forge partnerships between financially strained rural and urban constituencies globally to bring change to Zimbabwe.

Diaspora citizens contributed materials and funds to the cause, as greedy politicians exploited loopholes like the Corona Judgment and the Political Finances Act.

Namibia district supported election activities in Uzumba, with dedicated individuals like Elisha Chambara and Tapiwa ‘Tapshinda’ Mugore providing on-the-ground support. Such sacrifices are rare among seasoned politicians.

Rundu Branch, led by Dr. Simbarashe Ndoda, Dr. Lawrence Chiduku, Robson Ruhanya, and Youth Commander Ropafadzo Tsara, operated in Hwange West Constituency, facing challenges like deploying polling agents and ensuring their well-being.

Despite hardships, we remained committed, even battling wildlife in Katombora National Park to defend the vote.

It’s heartbreaking that the organic party is now history despite our efforts.

Namibia district condemns stomach politicians like Welshman Ncube, Tendai Biti, Charlton Hwende, Jacob Mafume, and their allies for promoting self-interest over the people’s welfare. Their actions perpetuate the suffering of our impoverished masses.

Genuine leadership is needed to break free from this cycle.Tendai Biti’s betrayal after decades in parliament is particularly egregious.

Selling out for personal gain is a betrayal of the people’s trust and a testament to political greed.

President Chamisa must ensure that future leadership is thoroughly vetted to prevent such betrayals.

ZANU-PF’s tactics, including illegal recalls of elected officials, aim to destabilize the opposition.

We demand servant leadership in the new movement and reject politicians like Biti, Ncube, Mafume, and their cohorts, who have betrayed our struggle.

Receiving support from the diaspora reflects a shared desire for a better Zimbabwe under President Chamisa’s leadership.

Political greed and corruption must be condemned, and leaders like Biti should respect the will of the people.

We mourn the loss of Pastor Tapfumanei Masaya and reject the notion of donating seats to ZANU-PF as an insult to democracy.Genuine leaders in the “New” must reject self-serving politics.

The fight for justice, freedom, and equality should remain untainted by personal agendas.#SellingOutIsNotAnOption