Top Cop Caught Pants Down
13 February 2024
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By-A senior member of the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has been removed from his position for having an illicit affair with one of his married junior officers, reported H-Metro.

Chief Superintendent Reason Ncube was removed from his position as Officer Commanding Norton District after his adulterous affair with Constable Ethel Kusangaya was exposed.

The illicit affair was exposed after Ethel’s husband, Stalin Muvengwa, fitted a car tracking system on the family vehicle.

It is alleged that Ethel, clad in police uniform, drove the family vehicle to Norton after telling her husband she was going to a different place.

Chief Supt Ncube told Ethel to park her vehicle and the two cops took a romantic drive in his car unaware that Muvengwa was trailing them.

After noticing that there was a vehicle following them, Chief Supt Ncube called someone to tow Ethel’s vehicle to a car park in Kuwadzana Extension. But it was too late as Muvengwa confronted them.

H-Metro reported sources as saying Ethel pleaded with her husband not to assault her in uniform while Chief Supt Ncube also pleaded with Muvengwa for forgiveness.

Muvengwa lambasted Chief Supt Ncube, saying that his lust had wrecked his family. He said:

Does it mean that his promotion was to abuse junior officers?

Ncube has damaged my family, my children and my standing in society.

We are now undergoing counselling to heal our children and to find peace with my in-laws.

My wife stooped so low that she emotionally and socially damaged my trust.

Cst Kusangaya is stationed at Warren Park Police Station.

Neither Ncube nor Ethel have commented on the situation.-H-Metro