Hwende Says My Relationship With Chamisa’s Solid
14 February 2024
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By Simba Chikanza | On Tuesday at 8.30pm- Zim time, I was contacted by Hon. Chalton Hwende who was complaining over headlines that criticise him.

“Vakomana headline yenyu iyi mungabva mandidarowo here?,” he asked.

I offered him a mic to speak out, and the following was our brief discussion.

Qn: Do you want to speak out?

Hwende: Not really it’s pointless at this stage but time will tell and my relationship with the President is solid I never attacked him and will never attack him.

Let me speak with you after 30minutes.

Qn: ma views evanhu ka aya… Let’s talk na 9 then.

Hwende: Kungoti vafana venyu vangadai vachingonzwawo both sides.

Qn: But the report says you troubled him and pushed him to resign when you sided with Biti’s project. How can such a relationship be termed solid?

Hwende: The President took time to pen a 13 page statement explaining his reasons. Most Zimbabweans agreed with those reasons but surely to say it was because of Hwende is far fetched my brother.

Qn: What’s happening with you is it normal? How do you claim that you didn’t trouble @nelsonchamisa when you are the very author of the nation’s most infuriating tweet insulting both Chamisa and the Zim voters on SADC fresh election mockeries?


Qn: Were you elected to parliament to oppress the people of Zimbabwe on ED’s behalf like this your treasonous CIO tweet?