Hopewell Wins His 5 Yr Military-Assisted War On Chamisa, As Welshman’s Appointed CCC-Tshabangu President
17 February 2024
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By A Correspondent | The CCC-Tshabangu political party has announced the temporary appointment of Prof Welshman Ncube as its acting president. This decision, disclosed by Acting CCC spokesperson Jacob Mafume during a press conference in Bulawayo, initiates a rotational leadership model where Prof Ncube will serve for 90 days pending the party’s elective congress.

Following the conclusion of Prof Ncube’s term, Tendai Biti is slated to assume the role of acting president, with Lynette Karenyi-Kore set to follow in succession. This leadership rotation adheres to the party’s established structures from 2019. Additionally, Lynette Karenyi-Kore has been designated as the leader of the Opposition in Parliament, a decision reached by the CCC Parliamentary Caucus on Thursday, February 15, 2024. This and other related appointments will be formally communicated to the Speaker of Parliament in due course.

The development follows advice given to the Zimbabwe Defence Forces by activist, Hopewell Chinono to regularly descend onto Nelson Chamisa’s party or the civil society in the period 2019-2023 to split it so to reduce tension in the country. The development has led to 2 successive seizures of Chamisa’s party assets since the aftermath of the 2018 elections:

Tweets by Hopewell Chinono


1. The raiding of safe houses protecting tortured and raped activists in 2018-19 by the military following Hopewell Chin’ono’s advice that led to Emmerson Mnangagwa preferring Chin’ono’s advice in the place of his own spokesperson George Charamba, the latter who later leaked the details. (see 17 minute video below)

2. the takeover of Chamisa’s Harvest House building and bank accounts by military assisted agents in 2020.

3. The violent raids against Chamisa’s party in the 2023 elections and more that got a campaigner Bishop Tapfumaneyi Masaya killed, after Hopewell Chin’ono advised a military intelligence officer that Chamisa’s party has to split because he, according to Chin’ono, did not conduct register-to-vote rallies (something Chamisa did over 934 times in 2022 alone.)

4. The deployment of FAZ terror agents to both change election results and discourage voters.

The development now leaves Mr Hopewell Chin’ono celebrating as the nation’s “Daddy” 6 year operation to successfully “outmaneouver” (see video) every newspaper and the entire civil society with the assistance of the military so to reduce tension in the country, as he states in his announcement over his work for the ministry of Defence (see video).

The full press statement reads:


17 February 2024

Having met and deliberated on various matters affecting the party, and having noted the resignation of Advocate Nelson Chamisa as President of the party, the Citizens Coalition for Change National Standing Committee (NSC) resolved to fill in the vacancy left by Advocate Nelson Chamisa by appointing an Acting President.

The Acting President position will be held by the three Vice Presidents, on a 90 days rotation basis, until the party goes to an elective congress.

By record of the May 2019 Gweru Congress, and within the context of the leadership of the party as at 22 January 2022, Professor Welshman Ncube is the most senior of the Vice Presidents. In consequence thereof, the NSC resolved to, with immediate effect, appoint Professor Welshman Ncube as the Acting President. Professor Welshman Ncube will be the Acting President for 90 days calculated from the day following the appointment.

As previously communicated, the NSC re-emphasises the importance of keeping unity and cohesion in the party.

The NSC noted the uncertainties created by the departure of President Nelson Chamisa and delayed appointment of the Acting President, negatively impacting on the generality of our membership, and the people of Zimbabwe more generally.

The Acting President bears the responsibility to steer the party towards democratic transition, securing a prosperous Zimbabwe. The appointment of the Acting President and the resumption of duties by all office bearers based on 2019 structures marks the beginning of an uninterrupted path to restore stability and democracy within the party.

The Acting President will, forthwith, lead a confidence building process, reassuring the party membership and stakeholders to reposition the democratic agenda. This engagement process will involve deliberations with all aggrieved individuals or/and groups of people to secure consensus for an inclusive and value driven people’s agenda.

The NSC re-emphasises that, all deployees of the party in various positions and public office bears should continue to perform their duties for the betterment of our people.

It is evident that the cholera outbreak has caused unnecessary loss of life, inflation is increasingly out of control thereby eroding ordinary people disposable income, and that the current government is unable to arrest all these serious problems.

Our deployees in parliament and in the local government should keep deliberate focus on these important issues, to better the lives of our people.

Regarding the parliamentary leadership appointments, the party Parliamentary Caucus met on Thursday 15 February 2024 and selected Hon Lynette Karenyi Kore to be the Leader of the Opposition in Parliament. Along with other positions, this will be communicated to the Speaker of Parliament appropriately.

Cllr Jacob Mafume
Acting Communications Secretary