Mnangagwa Incarnates Into Mugabe
22 February 2024
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In a move that resonates with the late Robert Mugabe’s lengthy tenure, Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa, popularly known as “ED,” is seemingly embarking on a path that could extend his stay in power beyond the conventional limits. Despite Mnangagwa’s denial of such ambitions, the echoes of his predecessor’s grip on the presidency are becoming unmistakable as discussions around a third term gain momentum.

Drawing parallels with former Zambian President Chiluba’s infamous remark, “Power is sweet,” the unfolding scenario in Zimbabwe reflects a similar reluctance to relinquish authority. Chiluba’s attempt for a third term, despite constitutional restrictions, underscores the magnetic allure of political power—a sentiment that appears to be shared by Mnangagwa’s camp.

Currently in the early stages of his second five-year term, technically Mnangagwa could argue this is only his second term, considering he completed Mugabe’s tenure following a coup in November 2017. This nuance offers Mnangagwa a potential loophole to seek an additional term, which would secure him an even more comfortable retirement package, or possibly pave the way for a life presidency, depending on the political landscape’s evolution.

The push for a third term, while denied by Mnangagwa, raises critical questions about the motives and pressures driving this campaign. With Zimbabwe grappling with significant economic challenges, the focus on extending a political career seems ill-timed and fraught with controversy.

Critics argue that no one seems capable of halting this apparent quest for extended power, suggesting a resignation to the inevitability of Mnangagwa’s continued leadership. This sentiment is captured in the local saying, “zvipei doro,” which translates to “just let it happen,” indicating a collective desire to move past political power struggles to address more pressing national concerns.

As Zimbabwe marks the 21st of February, a date that used to celebrate Mugabe’s birthday and now serves as a reminder of the cyclical nature of power dynamics, the nation finds itself at a crossroads. Will Mnangagwa’s tenure usher in a new era of prolonged leadership, or will it prompt a reevaluation of governance and term limits in Zimbabwe?

The unfolding events in Zimbabwe underscore the complex interplay between power, politics, and public sentiment, as the nation contemplates a future that may very well echo its past.