Tinashe Mugabe’s DNA Show Wins NAMA Awards Best TV
24 February 2024
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By Farai D Hove | In a glittering ceremony that celebrated the best of Zimbabwe’s artistic and cultural talent, “The Tinashe Mugabe DNA Show” was honored with the prestigious National Arts Merit Awards (NAMA) for Outstanding Screen Production (Television). This accolade marks a significant milestone for the show, which has captivated audiences with its engaging content and heartwarming narratives.

Upon receiving the award, an elated Tinashe Mugabe expressed his gratitude and shared the excitement with fans and supporters. “We’re thrilled to announce that The Tinashe Mugabe DNA Show has been nominated with a prestigious NAMA for Outstanding Screen Production (Television). We’re beyond grateful for this incredible recognition and couldn’t have achieved it without the unwavering support of our amazing Bota Family! Each and every one of you has been a vital part of our journey, and we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to you all,” Mugabe said.

He continued, “This award is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and passion of our entire team, as well as the inspiring stories and moments shared by our guests. Thank you for believing in us and for being with us every step of the way.”

“The Tinashe Mugabe DNA Show” has garnered a dedicated following for its unique approach to unraveling family mysteries and connecting individuals through DNA testing. Its ability to blend science with human interest stories has not only provided entertainment but also offered closure and answers to many families.

The NAMA Awards are known for recognizing excellence in the arts and culture sector, and winning such a distinguished award underscores the show’s impact and significance in Zimbabwe’s television landscape. It’s a celebration of creativity, innovation, and the power of storytelling.

As “The Tinashe Mugabe DNA Show” continues to grow in popularity, this accolade from the NAMA Awards is a shining endorsement of its contribution to television and society at large. Mugabe and his team’s commitment to producing quality content has indeed paid off, setting a high bar for screen production in Zimbabwe.

The show’s success at the NAMA Awards serves as a reminder of the power of media to influence, educate, and inspire. Congratulations to Tinashe Mugabe and the entire team behind “The Tinashe Mugabe DNA Show” for their outstanding achievement.