Man Gets 30-Year Sentence for Raping Mentally Challenged Woman
28 February 2024
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In a recent ruling, a Chiredzi resident was handed a 30-year prison term for the rape of a 23-year-old mentally challenged woman.

Magistrate Judith Zuyu presiding over the case found Sinfree Makhado, hailing from Munjanja Village, Chief Bota in Zaka, guilty on two counts of raping the mentally challenged victim.

He was sentenced to 15 years for each count, resulting in an effective 15-year imprisonment.

During the trial, Makhado attempted to defend himself by claiming that the woman was his girlfriend and had given consent for the sexual encounters.

However, the court emphasized that under the law, individuals with mental challenges are unable to provide legal consent for sexual activities.

The prosecution presented evidence indicating that Makhado engaged in sexual intercourse with the woman in the fields on one occasion and in a derelict building on another.

The case came to light when the victim’s younger sister discovered Makhado in the act of raping the mentally challenged woman inside the abandoned structure.

This verdict underscores the seriousness with which the legal system addresses cases of sexual assault, particularly those involving vulnerable individuals such as the mentally challenged.

Makhado’s sentence serves as a deterrent and a reminder that sexual exploitation will be met with severe consequences under the law.