State Drops Charges Against Whistleblower Who Exposed Sewage Water Scandal
1 March 2024
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By Political Correspondent – The state has dropped charges against a Harare woman who bravely exposed a local water supply company for sourcing water from a sewage-contaminated river.

Sandra Mazviita Pamberi, the courageous whistleblower, was initially arrested and charged with spreading false information.

However, on Friday, the state found no grounds to proceed with the case against Mazviita Pamberi and consequently withdrew all charges.

In January, Mazviita Pamberi, a resident of Highlands in Harare, garnered widespread attention after she recorded a video exposing Adela Constructing, the water supply company, for allegedly tapping sewage water and distributing it to unsuspecting residents.

The video swiftly went viral across various social media platforms, sparking public outrage.

Pamberi’s allegations centred on the company’s purported extraction of sewage water, which it then purportedly supplied to the public as drinking water.

Initially accused of violating Section 164(C) and Section 95 of the Criminal Code, Mazviita Pamberi’s case has now been dismissed, marking a victory for transparency and accountability in water management.