Chaos At Moreblessing Ali Burial, Suspected Tshabangu Youths Claiming To Represent Chamisa Clash With Sikhala
2 March 2024
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By A Correspondent | There was chaos at the burial of the slain CCC activist, Moreblessing Ali where youths claiming to represent Nelson Chamisa clashed with those claiming to represent the murdered mother’s lawyer, Job Sikhala.

The disturbing event raises questions on the motives of youths who traveled to the funeral for the purpose of causing commotion.

It was during a singing session that a group of youths descended the burial into commotion when a woman was assaulted by a man only identified as Musonza.

“Musonza was beaten in the bi election, then went to join Tshabangu where he was also beaten, and so today he was now assaulting this lady. But what we want to hear known is that whether you like it or not this country will be ruled by Chamisa,” an unidentified woman narrated.

It was at that point that others exploded into singing against Sikhala.

“Mupanduki tevera ngwena, mupanduki!- traitor you must follow the crocodile,” one of the songs was sung at the funeral.

While a comment was awaited from Chamisa’s leadership, a series of state engineered events were noted since Sikhala’s first arrest on 21 Aug 2020 when a male state agent claimed to the Sikhala family that details of his (Sikhala’s) whereabouts had been leaked to the security forces by a Chamisa youth, and since then there have been more of such allegations accused against Chamisa..

In 2022, ZimEye witnessed two high profile state operatives variously communicating that they were creating divisions in Chamisa’s party while abusing the Sikhala family, an operation that led to Sikhala and a cousin of his being prosecuted for incitement to violence and terrorism utterances. In the latter case, there are live videos of ZimEye thoroughly exposing officials over influence from ZANU PF. Both Sikhala and the cousin were influenced into believing that they are Nelson Mandela characters, so that those statements can perchance cause division in the civil society.

The following was the interaction between one blue uniform clad youth with an HSTV reporter.

“What we demand is that Job Sikhala cannot address us, who on earth is he to us? We do not deal with sellouts. We cannot be addressed by traitors,” says the unidentified youth.

He continues saying –

“The only thing we refused is being addressed by Job Sikhala. We wanted to bury the person nicely, What we only refused is being addressed by Job Sikhala.”

Who should have addressed you?, the HSTV reporter asks, to which the youth says,

“Hon Zvaipa is there over here. Also, the place where Moreblessing was registered to vote in Chitungwiza South which belongs to Goddy Sithole.”

Who leads your party?

“It’s led by Nelson Chamisa, he is the one we are traveling with,” he replies.

Who?, further asks the reporter..

“We are following Nelson Chamisa,” the youth concludes.

A comment from Hon Job Sikhala was not possible at the time of writing.