A Strategic Approach To Mining
8 March 2024
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Investing in mining operations requires a business mindset to ensure long-term profitability and sustainability.

Here’s how to approach mining as a serious business venture:

Strategic Investment Planning:

Treat mining like any other business venture by meticulously listing required resources with exact values. Monitor expenses closely and identify viable claims nearby to minimize investment risks.

Avoid investing in distant locations unless you’re prepared to expand your investment scope to cover all production activities.

Hands-On Management:

Your presence at the mining site is indispensable. Gold nuggets ranging from 5 points to 10 kilograms can be found around Zimbabwe, but without your direct oversight, production accountability becomes challenging.

Actively involve yourself from day one, familiarize yourself with all aspects of the operation, and understand the risks and rewards involved.

Be wary of trusting family members entirely, as theft and production sabotage are common, often orchestrated by relatives.

Cost-Effective Monitoring:

Avoid unnecessary expenses on constant monitoring trips to the mine.

Instead, spend a substantial portion of your day at the site to oversee operations effectively.

Utilize public transport whenever possible and minimize hiring private transport for non-essential transactions.

If a vehicle is necessary, consider expanding your investment to accommodate it. Plan prudently, ensuring you have adequate reserves for lean periods.

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