Mukanya Rejects Chivhayo Bribe Offer
18 March 2024
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Showbiz Reporter – Renowned Chimurenga icon Thomas “Mukanya” Mapfumo has staunchly refused offers of a car and a house extended to him by the controversial businessman Wicknell Chivhayo.

Chicago, on Monday, openly mocked Mukanya by presenting him with a brand-new car and a luxurious residence.

In an exclusive conversation with Nehanda Radio, Mapfumo firmly stated, “I’m not that type to be bribed like that.”

Mapfumo recounted his surprise upon receiving a call from Chivhayo on Sunday night. “Yes, I know he enjoys my music. He called me before I went to bed and mentioned he was in New York for a visit. I inquired about his family, and that was the extent of our conversation.”

Chivhayo took a screenshot of their phone call, leading to misconceptions that Mapfumo initiated contact with him, a narrative debunked by Mapfumo himself.

Chivhayo’s public plea for Mapfumo to retract past criticisms of ZANU PF, accompanied by the offer of extravagant gifts, follows Mapfumo’s recent critique of musicians seeking favors from the wealthy businessman.

The clash between Chivhayo and Mapfumo escalates as the former’s lavish gifting of cars to celebrities raises eyebrows, sparking debates regarding his affiliations and intentions.

This altercation adds fuel to the fire surrounding Chivhayo’s philanthropic activities, raising questions about their underlying motivations and sources.
-Nehanda Radio/ZimEye