Passion Java Covers-Up Armed Robbery, Gun Violence With Ambulance Donation
18 March 2024
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By Showbiz Reporter- Controversial Preacher Passion Java at the weekend, Java donated ambulances to Chitungwiza Central Hospital, just days after his alleged involvement in gun violence and armed robbery at Rainbow Towers.

The timing of this donation has raised eyebrows, especially considering the circumstances surrounding the incident.

The altercation reportedly involved Java and another controversial figure, Zanu PF senator Mike Chimombe, who erupted over a dispute involving a Harare businessman, Andrew Manongore.

According to reports, the confrontation stemmed from a disagreement over a girlfriend.

Manongore has since filed a police report at Harare Central police station.

Java confirmed the scuffle at Rainbow Towers to ZimEye and said, “This guy wanted to beat up Mike Chimombe”.

Witnesses claim that the situation escalated when Chimombe allegedly brandished a firearm, leading to the alleged robbery of $18,000 from Manongore. The incident, reportedly captured on CCTV, has stirred controversy and speculation.

Sources close to the situation suggest that Java’s motive may be rooted in personal grievances, particularly regarding socialite Hillary Makaya, whom Manongore is rumoured to have snatched from Java.

Chimombe’s apparent frustration over being labelled as financially destitute by the Harare businessman allegedly fueled the confrontation.

In the aftermath of the incident, Manongore and his guards sought refuge in a nearby toilet before seeking medical attention.

However, despite the gravity of the allegations, neither Java nor Chimombe have been apprehended by authorities.

Java’s decision to donate ambulances amid this controversy has sparked both praise and scepticism from the public.

While some commend his philanthropic efforts, others view it as an attempt to deflect attention from the ongoing investigation.

The public awaits further developments, with questions lingering about the true motivations behind Java’s charitable gesture amidst allegations of violence and robbery.