Zimbabweans’ Safety Unclear After Moscow Terrorist Attack
23 March 2024
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By ZimEye/BBC-Following the tragic assault on a concert hall on the outskirts of Moscow, claiming the lives of at least 93 individuals and injuring over 100, the South African government has reassured its citizens of their safety in Russia.

However, concerns linger for Zimbabweans residing in diplomatic missions, educational institutions, or academic pursuits within the Russian capital, as the Zimbabwean envoy in Moscow remains silent regarding the safety of its citizens.

ZimEye is making efforts to contact the Zimbabwean Ambassador to Russia, Ambrose Mutinhuri, for clarification.

BBC Saturday reports that the assailants, donned camouflage attire, perpetrated the attack in the north-western suburb of Krasnogorsk. Among the 11 individuals arrested, four were directly involved in the assault.

The targeted venue, Crocus City Hall, was on the brink of hosting a rock concert when the gunmen stormed the premises, engulfing much of the building in flames and causing part of the roof to collapse.

Tragically, children were among the casualties, prompting condemnation from the Russian foreign ministry, labelling the incident a “terrorist attack.”

While an unverified online statement attributed the attack to the militant group Islamic State, US officials disclosed intelligence suggesting IS intentions to target large gatherings in Moscow, with prior warnings issued to Russian authorities by the White House.

Russian security forces swiftly responded, with special units deployed to apprehend the attackers. However, President Vladimir Putin has yet to directly address the nation regarding the incident, leaving many in uncertainty.

Eyewitnesses recounted harrowing scenes of chaos and violence, with survivors describing desperate attempts to seek refuge amidst the onslaught.

As emergency services battled the blaze and attended to the injured, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin announced the cancellation of all public events in the capital over the weekend, expressing condolences to the victims’ families.

International condemnation poured in, with calls for solidarity against such heinous acts.

While security measures have been reinforced across airports and stations, the tragic events reignited memories of past atrocities, notably the 2002 NordOst theatre siege.

As investigations unfold, questions persist regarding the safety and well-being of Zimbabweans amidst the turmoil, awaiting clarity and assurance from diplomatic channels.