Govt Says No To Holiday Lessons
25 March 2024
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By A Correspondent| The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education has barred schools from proceeding with Vacation School for Grade 7, ‘O’ and ‘A’ Level candidates, as well as other non-examination classes during the April holiday period.

In a statement, Secretary for Primary and Secondary Education, Mike Mhike confirmed receiving requests from schools to have vacation classes

“The Ministry notes with appreciation the requests that have been received from some of its sectors to allow for the uptake of the Vacation School for examination classes of Grade 7, Ordinary and Advanced level during this April holiday,” said Mhike.

Mhike emphasized the importance of the holiday break for students to rest and engage in independent learning activities while encouraging the use of alternative learning strategies such as the Zimbabwe Learning Passport.

“Having consulted widely on the matter and taking cognisant of the fact that the school term had no disturbances at all to the teaching and learning programme, therefore, authority is NOT GRANTED that schools facilitate a Vacation School during the April school holidays for the Grade 7, Ordinary and Advanced level candidates, as well as for the non-examinations classes.

“Pupils need this holiday break to rest and engage in independent learning where need be, including utilisation of the Zimbabwe Learning Passport amongst other alternative learning strategies,” he added.

This decision is likely to have implications for both students and educators, as it alters plans for academic preparation during the holiday period. While some may view it as an opportunity for students to recharge, others may express concerns about the impact on exam preparation.