Great Zimbabwe Uni Charges Students Mandatory Funeral Policy
25 March 2024
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Dear ZimEye

Please can you look into the issue with Great Zimbabwe University? They are imposing a fee of $25 on students for a Funeral Policy, which is payable directly to their offices. Is this justifiable?

If something were to happen to my son, I would have to manage the funeral arrangements by myself, using my own resources. Why should we be compelled to subscribe to a Funeral Policy that appears to benefit the institution more than the students or their families? Despite opposition from the student body, the university not only increased the tuition fees but also made this Funeral Policy fee a separate, mandatory charge for all students. It’s important to note the university’s close ties with the ruling party, as evidenced by their Chancellor being Zvobgo. This situation raises questions about the fairness and the actual benefit of such policies to the students and their families.