Sikhala Shipped-Out For Urgent Medical Treatment
27 March 2024
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Political Reporter -National Democratic Working Group (NDWG) leader Job Sikhala has been airlifted to a foreign hospital for critical medical examinations.

During his incarceration at Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison, Sikhala endured persistent health issues, including alarming symptoms such as bloody stool and severe abdominal pain concentrated on his left side. Suspicions of poisoning arose due to the nature of his symptoms, prompting the decision for immediate medical attention beyond the nation’s borders.

Darlington Chingwena, the head of information and communication at NDWG, confirmed Sikhala’s deteriorating health condition, stating, “Sikhala embarked on these medical check-ups fully aware of the risks, given the oppressive tactics often employed against dissenters in our country.” Chingwena further elaborated that Sikhala’s overseas treatment was imperative for accurate diagnosis and proper medical care.

Expressing hope for a swift recovery, Chingwena emphasized the urgency of Sikhala’s return, citing the multitude of challenges facing Zimbabweans. “The completion of these medical examinations is paramount, as Zimbabweans eagerly await Sikhala’s return.

Our nation is at a standstill, grappling with soaring inflation, land evictions, inadequate transportation, educational disruptions, and a myriad of other pressing issues. Sikhala’s leadership is indispensable in navigating through these crises,” Chingwena remarked.

Sikhala’s recent health ordeal follows a prolonged period of pre-trial detention spanning 595 days, underscoring the challenges faced by political figures in Zimbabwe’s contentious landscape.