Mnangagwa Returns Mudede Ghost Voters
28 March 2024
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By Political Correspondent- The Zanu PF government has proposed to return ghost voters on the voter’s roll by transferring voter registration responsibility from the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) to the Civil Registry Department under the office of the Registrar General.

This move marks a return to the pre-2013 setup when the office led by Tobaiwa Mudede oversaw voter registration.

During this period, concerns arose over the presence of “ghost voters” on the electoral roll, with Mudede acknowledging difficulties in purging deceased individuals from the list.

Under the proposed revisions, an independent commission would assume delimitation duties currently handled by ZEC.

Justice, Legal, and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ziyambi Ziyambi disclosed that these amendments were prompted by recommendations from Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) legislators in the Ninth Parliament, in anticipation of the 2023 general elections.

Minister Ziyambi explained that discussions during the Ninth Parliament highlighted the need for a revamped electoral process. He emphasized the efficiency of the proposed system, which would seamlessly integrate voter registration with the issuance of national identification cards, ensuring automatic updates to the voter roll upon individuals turning 18 or upon their demise.

Moreover, Minister Ziyambi dismissed claims that these changes were motivated by animosity towards Tobaiwa Mudede, referring to previous suggestions as the “Tobaiwa Mudede Amendment” which he deemed misdirected.

Concurrently, consultations are underway to amend the Constitution, enabling an independent commission to assume responsibility for electoral boundary demarcation.

This strategic restructuring aims to relieve ZEC of contentious tasks related to the voters’ roll and delimitation, allowing the commission to focus solely on administering elections.