Nelson Chamisa Easter Message To Nation
2 April 2024
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Source : Advocate Nelson Chamisa


Easter is about Hope, Revival, Redemption and victory anchored upon Our Lord Jesus Christ’s sacrifice, crucifixion and resurrection.

Easter reminds us that in the crucible of adversity, hope blooms.

Easter is a moment of reflection and celebration about the deeds of sacrifice, compassion and love.

Remembering this;
Jesus Christ is our exodus out this otherwise horrible world.
He is our sabbath in a stormy and tumultuous world.

He is our victory against sin, temptation and death.
He is the confirmation of our redemption and the hope of our glory!

Easter seals the covenant,
Reconciles us to eternal life,
Restores us from every ailment,
Recovers what was taken,
Brings forth a new inheritance,
Renews the promise of hope.

Easter encompasses all…
Wishing everyone a joyful Easter!

Avoid being hurtful (in words and deeds) towards others.

Safe travels to everyone travelling this Easter Weekend!

I wish you all a Happy and blessed Easter Weekend.

May you and your family be preserved, revived and rejuvenated by the power of the blood of Jesus!

Thank you Jesus.

Jesus Christ is our victory!


ChooseChrist #ChooseHope