Zimsec Announces Grade 7 Exams Dates
3 April 2024
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By James Gwati- The Zimbabwe Schools Examination Council (Zimsec) has announced the 2024 Grade 7 examination dates.

The timetable seen by ZimEye and sent to schools throughout the country indicates that the first exam day was September 23 2024.

Schools have also sent the timetable to parents and guardians to share with the candidates.

The timetable has been released after the Ministry of Education recently extended the Ordinary and Advanced Level examination fees deadline by two months.

Initially, the deadline was this Saturday, March 23, and is now the first week of May, a move that provides adequate time to raise the funds.

Primary and Secondary Education Minister Torerayi Moyo told legislators in Parliament in March that the Government had taken heed of concerns from legislators and parents, who had said they were failing to meet the deadline initially set by the Zimbabwe Schools Examination Council (Zimsec).

“The official deadline for November examination is March 25, 2024. However, because of the request from Members of Parliament, I have consulted the board of Zimsec and we have agreed to extend the deadline up to the first week of May. If I am correct, it should be the Friday of that first week,” said Minister Moyo.
There has been anxiety and fears that several pupils would not be able to register as candidates due to failure to mobilise resources.
Earlier on, legislators heard that Government had adequate social protection measures on students who were unable to pay tuition and examination fees and also for those at universities.
At primary and secondary level, Government has introduced the Basic Education Assistance Module (BEAM) for disadvantaged learners.
It has unveiled loans for those at State tertiary institutions, administered by financial institutions. Furthermore, “work for tuition fees” programmes have been introduced where those students at universities and colleges unable to pay tuition fees should come forward and work at their institution in lieu of their tuition.
This was said by Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Minister, Ziyambi Ziyambi, as Leader of the Government Business in the House, and Higher and Tertiary Education, Innovation, Science and Technology Development Minister, Professor Amon Murwira, while separately responding to related questions. There had been concerns that many learners at schools and students at tertiary institutions were being barred from writing examinations over non-payment of fees.
In response, Prof Murwira said payment of tuition fees was inevitable either by the State or by parents.
He said with respect to tertiary education, students should use a loan facility from financial institutions or work for fees at their institutions.
Prof Murwira noted that there had been a low uptake of loans.
“On access to education, education is not free; we have to pay for it. The public has to pay for it or the State.
“However, we recognise that people are differently abled in terms of capacity to pay. We have several programmes for students that include ‘pay for fees’ and about 300 students have benefited.
“CBZ is also providing loans and we have put money for that. It seems people do not want to borrow. There is a low uptake in taking this money,” said Prof Murwira.
He said the university system was automated and it would bar students who were not paid up, hence the need for students to come forward with their plight to authorities for attention.
Minister Ziyambi implored parents to adequately prepare for examination fees on time given that they would have been aware of the pending exams.
“The issue of exam fees has not suddenly become urgent because the deadline is tomorrow.
“The responsible ministry flighted adverts that people can pay in Zimbabwe dollars. Those with challenges must follow the channels and they will get help,” said Minister Ziyambi.
Early this week Zimsec informed parents and guardians that Ordinary and Advanced Level, Grade 6 and Grade 7 examination fees shall be paid in Zimbabwe dollars at the interbank rate.
Parents who wish to pay in US dollars and the South African rand, could still do so.
“Fees are pegged in USD, however they are accepted in the currency which the parents/guardians are comfortable with,” said Zimsec.