Mnangagwa Announces He’s Launching A Structured Currency Tomorrow, 2 Months After Expelling Chamisa from Politics Saying He’s Unstructured
4 April 2024
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Said Emmerson Mnangagwa today (Thursday), “Today, I toured and inspected the Reserve Bank’s gold reserves, a pivotal step in backing our new structured currency. This move reinforces our commitment to economic stability and lays the foundation for a prosperous future. #EconomicStability 🇿🇼” 

To describe the new currency, Mnangagwa is using the same term that he just 2 months ago utilised to expell his 2023 election opponent, Nelson Chamisa from politics, “structured.”  Through this, Mnangagwa is declaring that he has for years been a president running an unstructured currency.

The enemies of our currency & the so-called structured currency are:

1. Excessive printing of money & excess liquidity caused by command agriculture; wrong financing model on roads & key infrastructures;
2. A dominant informal sector which is governed by informal rules & has no regard to govt policies – the informal sector has its own governor, mattress bank, minister of finance, etc
3. devastating drought & subdued commodity prices which have a combined effect of reducing availability of USD liquidity