41 Things HH Has Done In Less Than 2 Years | Mark Simuuwe
11 April 2024
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President Hakainde Hichilema with Mark Simuuwe
    The News Diggers headline

By Mark Simuuwe | COMMENT |  Indeed you have demonstrated your objectives based on the following:

1. Free education
2. Paying council workers salary arrears
3. Paying 258,000 farmers their money
4. Revamping Mopani
5. Sealing Debt restructuring deal
6. Reinstating meal allowances for university students and extending to 7 more universities
7. Completing installing turbines at Lower Kafue Hydro power station
8. Paying civil servants retirees from 2017 to date
9. Signing market access agreements with many regional countries for agricultural exports
10. Fight against corruption by scoring 4 points
11. Making Zambia the top democratizing nation from 2021 to date under the Afro barometer survey
12. Ending bloodshed among citizens of different political parties
13. Ending thuggery behavior in markets and bus stops
14. Introducing farmers credit facility
15.Focusing on 17,000 farmers to be empowered with irrigation equipment
16. Opening shaft 28 mine in Luanshya
17. Encouraging investment and empowering citizens with loans and grants through disbursement of Taxis , buses and other SMEs grants
18. Recruitment of over 37,000 teachers in two years which has never happened anywhere in Africa in 2years and putting them on payroll
19. Recruitment of over 3000 workers under local government
20. Recruitment of over 1000 immigration officers
21 . Recruitment of over 1000 ZRA workers to improve revenue collection
22. Recruitment of over 70000 youths under defense and police
23. Recruitment of over 253 extension officers under ministry of education
24. Bringing budget credibility
25. Restoring international confidence on matters of public resources use
26. Making the EU resume funding Zambia’s budget after they stopped under the PF due to rampant corruption
27. Making the UK resume financing social cash transfer after withdrawing under PF
28. Making Zambia fit in the top 3 most democratizing countries in the world
29. Attracting huge investment of the electric car battery in Zambia
30. Scoring on persuading China to renovate the TAZARA railway line
31. Marketing Zambia to the world as the best peaceful country to host international summits which in turn help bring the much needed revenue and help propel-income for hospitality industry players and car hire dealers
32. Ending ethnic hegemony
33. Enacting the Access to information bill into law which predecessors failed to do
34. Enacting the budget manner act in 2022
35. Buying 10 milling machines for ZNS
36. Empowering the defense to help in food production for the country
37. Establishing a balanced cabinet
38. Coming out the 5th best president in Africa , proving that in two years of being in power .
39. Recruitment of over 15,000 health workers which has never happened again in Africa in two years
40. Training over 50,000 youths and women in skills training in less than two years

41. Opening up for solar energy investment