Hosiah Chipanga Fumes Over Exclusion From Independence Gala
16 April 2024
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By A Correspondent

As Zimbabwe prepares to celebrate its Independence Day with a gala event in Manicaland province, veteran musician and outspoken critic Hosiah Chipanga has expressed disappointment and a sense of exclusion after reportedly being left off the guest list. Chipanga, known for his poignant and critical lyrics directed towards the government, views this exclusion as a consequence of his outspoken views.

Chipanga’s absence from the Independence Gala, slated to take place in his hometown of Murambinda, has stirred controversy and fueled perceptions of political exclusion.

The musician, whose songs often carry political undertones and social commentary, took to his official Facebook page to voice his sentiments on Monday.

In a heartfelt post, Chipanga lamented his omission from the event:

“I feel hurt alongside my family, friends, and fans because despite being a musician of Zimbabwe, I cannot sing with others to celebrate 44 years of independence in Murambinda, Manicaland, my hometown, because officials from the Ministry of Information say I am opposing the government.”

The post underscores Chipanga’s belief that his critical stance has led to his being sidelined from participating in the festivities.

Chipanga’s message also delves into a deeper concern regarding the distinction between patriotism and opposition. “When the Authorities fail to distinguish or differentiate PATRIOTISM from OPPOSITION then all the Patriots are in danger,” he wrote, highlighting the broader implications of his exclusion on the freedom of expression and dissent within Zimbabwe.

The musician’s absence from the gala event underscores broader issues surrounding artistic freedom and political expression in Zimbabwe.

Chipanga’s music, characterized by its bold critique of societal issues and governance, has often placed him at odds with the authorities.

Chipanga’s disappointment resonates with many Zimbabweans who view artistic expression as a fundamental aspect of democratic societies.

The exclusion of critical voices from public platforms such as the Independence Gala raises concerns about the state of free speech and artistic autonomy in the country.

While Chipanga’s outspokenness may have led to his exclusion from official events, his case serves as a poignant reminder of the complexities surrounding freedom of expression and the role of artists in shaping public discourse.

As Zimbabwe commemorates its 44th Independence Day, the controversy surrounding Hosiah Chipanga’s absence highlights the ongoing tensions between artistic expression and state-sanctioned narratives.

The exclusion of critical voices like Chipanga’s underscores the challenges facing creative individuals who seek to contribute to national dialogue through their art.

Hosiah Chipanga’s experience serves as a microcosm of broader debates surrounding freedom of expression and artistic autonomy in Zimbabwe, encapsulating the complexities of navigating dissent and patriotism within the country’s socio-political landscape.

Below is Chipanga’s full statement :

Ndine hurombo pamwe nekurwadziva zvikuru hama neshamwari pamwe nevatsigiri vangu, kuti kunyangwe zvazvo ndiri chizvarwa nemuimbi vemuZimbabwe handisi kugona kuimbavo pamwe nevamwe vaimbi kupemberera 44 yrs tawana rusununguko kwaMurambinda Manicaland kumusha kwangu, nekuti varongi vekuMinistry of Infomation vati NDINOSOPODZA HURUMENDE. Dr. H. Chipanga.

When the Authorities fail to distinguish or differentiate PATRIOTISM from OPPOSITION then all the Patriots are in danger.
Dr. H. Chipanga.