Chivayo Celebrates 44 Years Of Looting
18 April 2024
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today marks yet another momentous occasion in the journey of LIBERATION and DEMOCRACY in Zimbabwe. 44 years ago, our former colonial masters bowed down to relentless political and military pressure from a GUERRILLA ARMY comprised of young, energetic, focused and resilient men and women who had an extraordinary COMMITMENT towards the liberation of Zimbabwe and her people.

44 years ago today, a new DAWN was witnessed when ZIMBABWE unshackled itself from being identified as RHODESIA and the century old British Union Jack was lowered and replaced by a NATIONAL FLAG that reflected the Zimbabwean people, its diversity and culture. The raising of the Zimbabwean flag represented the birth of AFRICA’S bread basket and a JEWEL of peace and prosperity.

44 years later, we fondly remember and pay our GREATEST TRIBUTE to the selfless HEROES and HEROINES who sacrificed their lives so that we enjoy the FREEDOMS we celebrate today.

His Excellency President of the Republic of Zimbabwe Cde E.D HUCHI Mnangagwa together with Cdes Robert Gabriel Mugabe, John Landa Nkomo ,Opah Muchinguri, Josiah Magama Tongogara, Simon Muzenda , CDGN Chiwenga, Joshua Nkomo , Josiah Tungamirai , KCD Mohadi , Sheba Gava – just to name but a few – are amongst the GALLANT people who offered themselves unto the CAUSE of the liberation struggle until political independence was declared on our MOTHERLAND on 18 April 1980.

44 years on, Zimbabwe has witnessed UNPRECEDENTED socio-economic growth, exceptional infrastructure development and has nurtured a RESILIENT PEOPLE who have collectively supported and defended the country’s independence and SOVEREIGNTY.

We have become the only African nation that restored the ownership of land to its rightful owners and take much pride in the BOLDNESS of our people in asserting their rights to the land which had been appropriated from our forefathers.

Today I am PROUDLY ZIMBABWEAN on account of our forebears who took a firm stand against white IMPERIALISM and fought for self-rule and DEMOCRACY that we celebrate today.

Under the astute leadership of H.E Mnangagwa, Zimbabwe continues to realize the gains of her independence as witnessed by increased tobacco and mineral exports which have placed the country at the GLOBAL stage of commerce and trade.

With the greatest PRIDE and DELIGHT, I wish to join the nation in celebrating Zimbabwe’s 44th Independence celebrations. I extend my deepest GRATITUDE to the Second Republic for carrying on with the LEGACY of our liberation struggle and inculcating within our YOUTH the values and ideals of our independence.

We continue to celebrate the ECONOMIC INDEPENDENCE through the empowerment of our own people as rightly coined in the mantra, “Nyika inovakwa nevene vayo”.

Just as our predecessors were DETERMINED to liberate Zimbabwe from its erstwhile oppressors, we shall remain RESOLUTE in building our country “Brick by Brick, Stone upon Stone”

Happy 44th Independence Day to Zimbabwe !

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