Man Makes Mnangagwa-Jump in Kwekwe
20 April 2024
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KWEKWE – A man is dead after falling from the rooftop of the First Mutual building in Kwekwe city centre on Friday morning. The incident caused a temporary halt to business activity in the Midlands province town.

The unidentified shirtless man was pronounced dead at the scene. Police are investigating whether he intended to take his own life or if it was a tragic accident.

According to witnesses, the man was seen performing stunts on the rooftop, resembling those of the superhero Spiderman. A video circulating on social media shows him precariously clinging to the edge with one hand.

The situation turned fatal when he attempted to jump to a balcony on the third floor. He missed his target and fell, dying on impact with the ground.

The cause of the man’s actions remains unclear. Some speculate mental health issues may have played a role, while others suspect drug or substance abuse. This is not the first such incident in Zimbabwe. Last year, a middle-aged Caucasian man believed to be a hotel guest died after jumping from a room in Harare.

This is a developing story. More information will be released as it becomes available.