Chiwenga Mocks Chamisa, Likens Opposition Leader To Goat Herder
23 April 2024
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By A Correspondent

In a recent rally at Chikurubi Damview, Constantino Chiwenga, the former military chief and Vice President of Zimbabwe’s ruling Zanu PF party, took a direct jab at opposition leader Nelson Chamisa, likening him to a goat herder and urging him to abandon his independent political path in favor of joining Zanu PF.

Chiwenga’s remarks were unequivocal as he dismissed Chamisa’s political standing, stating, “Let the young man, what does he enter? His only role is that of herding goats.”

This comparison underscored Chiwenga’s belief that Chamisa lacked significant political impact, framing him as a solitary figure rather than a formidable force within Zimbabwean politics.

The Vice President emphasized the necessity for Chamisa to realign his political ambitions with Zanu PF, suggesting that this was the true path to realizing his aspirations.

“If he has ambition, he must execute it while inside the good party that fulfills the wishes of the people,” Chiwenga asserted.

This call for unity under Zanu PF’s banner was intended to challenge Chamisa’s position and to encourage him to reconsider his political trajectory.

Chamisa, formerly the leader of the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), has been a vocal critic of the ruling party’s policies and leadership.

His confrontational stance against Zanu PF has contributed to the political tension that persists within Zimbabwe’s political landscape.

Chiwenga’s proposition for Chamisa to switch allegiances reflects the entrenched division between the ruling party and the opposition in Zimbabwean politics.

The suggestion of integration into Zanu PF presents a strategic maneuver by Chiwenga to consolidate power and potentially weaken the opposition’s influence.

As Chiwenga’s words echo across Zimbabwe, the response from Chamisa and the implications of his decision will be closely monitored by Zimbabwean citizens and political observers alike.

Chamisa’s next steps will not only shape his political future but also influence the broader dynamics of Zimbabwean politics.

Chamisa’s camp is yet to issue an official statement.

However, this exchange underscores the ongoing battle for dominance within Zimbabwean politics, where strategic alliances and allegiances play a pivotal role in shaping the nation’s future trajectory.