Mnangagwa Tells Soldiers To Pursue ZANU Interest First
6 May 2024
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Mnangagwa Urges Soldiers to Prioritize ZANU PF Interests

By Lesley Dube | Emmerson Mnangagwa has called on newly commissioned Zimbabwe National Army officers to prioritize the interests of the ruling ZANU PF party under the guise of national interest.

Mnangagwa at the Pass Out Parade

Speaking at the pass out parade of the officer cadet course 3/39/22 at the Zimbabwe Military Academy in Gweru, Mnangagwa emphasized the importance of understanding national values while defending the nation’s sovereignty. However, his statements took a concerning turn as he urged the military to align with ZANU PF’s agenda.

“The inclusion of the civil-military relations package is crucial for a strong and disciplined Defence Force,” Mnangagwa stated. “As our future military leaders, it is essential that you have a deep understanding and appreciation of our national values and ethos. More so, that our military is a unifying force, which comes from the people as well as protects them and defends our national identity, rich history, unity, peace, and harmony.”

Critics have raised alarms over Mnangagwa’s remarks, interpreting them as an attempt to politicize the armed forces and use them as a tool to further the interests of ZANU PF. Mnangagwa’s call for soldiers to prioritize party interests raises questions about the military’s role in a democratic society and its independence from political influence.

Mnangagwa’s controversial statements have sparked debate across the nation, with many expressing concerns about the erosion of democratic principles and the potential implications for Zimbabwe’s future. As the country navigates complex political and social challenges, calls for transparency, accountability, and respect for democratic norms have never been more urgent.