War Breaks Out Between Mudenda And Justice Minister In Parliament
9 May 2024
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Parliamentary Showdown as Speaker Jacob Mudenda and Justice Minister Zitambi Ziyambi Engage in Heated Dispute

By Dorrothy Moyo | In a rare and startling public confrontation, Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda and Justice Minister Zitambi Ziyambi exchanged heated words today, bringing legislative proceedings to a standstill and highlighting deep-seated tensions within the government’s legislative branch.

The incident unfolded when confusion arose over who was to present a crucial Notice of Motion. Although it was initially understood that Deputy Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Hon. Mazungunye would handle the task, Minister Ziyambi appeared prepared to leave the chamber, prompting Speaker Mudenda to seek clarification.

“**Hon. Minister of Justice!**” called out Speaker Mudenda, as Ziyambi made motions to exit. Responding to the Speaker’s inquiry, Ziyambi indicated that despite his movements, the Deputy Minister was indeed present to proceed with the motion, asserting, “**It is allowed…**” This did not satisfy Mudenda, who pressed for a clearer explanation on the procedural norms being followed.

As the discussion continued, Speaker Mudenda expressed his frustration with what he perceived as Ziyambi’s lack of attention to parliamentary procedure. “That is not the issue, Hon. Minister,” Mudenda emphasized, questioning Ziyambi’s intent to depart for the Senate while leaving his duties unattended in the House.

Ziyambi’s responses seemed to further agitate the situation, as he attempted to justify his actions by stating, “**There is no rule that forbids the Deputy Minister from moving the motion.**” However, this did not address Mudenda’s concerns about the expected protocol and the importance of the Minister’s presence during such proceedings.

The confrontation peaked when Mudenda admonished Ziyambi for his lack of focus on the ongoing session, asserting, “**Your private conversation does not take precedence.**” Ziyambi, taken aback, asked, “**Where is the private conversation?**” Miscommunication continued to escalate the tension, leading Mudenda to sternly request Ziyambi to leave the House. Ziyambi refused, visibly upset, countering, “**No, Mr. Speaker. That is not correct. Why are you saying I should leave the House?**” His protest was met with a chorus of inaudible interjections from other members, signaling widespread concern and disbelief.

Ultimately, Deputy Minister Mazungunye was allowed to proceed, thanking the Speaker and attempting to steer the session back to its legislative purpose. However, the altercation left a palpable tension in the room, with members and observers alike left to ponder the implications of such a public disagreement between two high-ranking officials.

This clash not only disrupts the immediate legislative process but also casts doubt on the stability and unity of the government’s functioning, potentially influencing future parliamentary interactions and the overall effectiveness of governance during a critical period. The fallout from today’s events may resonate beyond the walls of Parliament, affecting public confidence and the administration’s legislative agenda.