“Miraculous Escape: Man Rescued Alive After 116 Hours Trapped in George Building Collapse”
12 May 2024
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Miracle in George: Man Found Alive After Building Collapse

In an extraordinary turn of events, a man has been rescued alive from the rubble of a collapsed building in George after an arduous 116-hour search operation. Premier Alan Winde of the Western Cape called it a miracle during a statement given to Algoa FM News on X, bringing a wave of relief and joy across the community.

The collapse- pic

The survivor, identified only as Gabriel, a tiler by profession, was discovered trapped under concrete slabs on what was once the third floor of the five-story structure. Colin Deiner, Head of Disaster Management in the Western Cape, shared that despite the heavy debris pinning him down, Gabriel was alert and coherent, urgently requesting water as rescuers worked to free him.

The dramatic rescue saw emotional scenes as Gabriel was safely extracted and immediately attended to by medical personnel on site. The rescue team, moved by the moment, shared tears and embraces, reflecting the intense relief and happiness felt by all involved.

As Gabriel was whisked away by ambulance, onlookers celebrated, praising divine intervention with shouts of “My God is a miracle worker” and “Our God is alive,” encapsulating the joyous mood. Western Cape Health MEC Nomafrench Mabombo, who accompanied Gabriel in the ambulance, reported remarkably that he was in stable condition with no visible injuries or blood.

The successful location and rescue of Gabriel were credited in part to the heroic efforts of Warrant Officer Willie Visser and his sniffer dog, Abbey, along with another dog, Lex, and handler Warrant Officer Riaan Le Roux. Their precise and timely detection was pivotal in navigating the challenging debris.

This rescue not only highlights the resilience and perseverance of Gabriel but also the dedication and teamwork of the emergency services, including the SAPS and medical teams. The community of George and beyond has rallied in support, with continued prayers for those still affected by the collapse.

The story of Gabriel’s survival is a beacon of hope amid tragedy and serves as a testament to the strength of the human spirit and the power of collaborative effort in times of crisis. As investigations into the cause of the collapse continue, today’s focus remains on celebrating this miraculous survival.