Broke Government Fails To Complete Road Construction Project
16 May 2024
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By A Correspondent

Government has dismally failed to complete a road construction project in the city of Masvingo.

The city of Masvingo has placed it on record that the said road construction project is a central government initiative…

Statement by His Worship Councillor Aleck Tabe, the Mayor of the City of Masvingo on the Tangwena Street Construction and Roundabout Project

This statement seeks to provide clarity regarding the ongoing construction of Tangwena Street and roundabout in the city of Masvingo.

While the city council acknowledges residents’ concerns regarding the perceived slow progress of the construction, it is imperative to emphasize that the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development is leading this initiative, not the city of Masvingo.

Masvingo City Council fully empathizes with the community’s desire for the timely completion of this essential project.

In addressing the delays, it’s crucial to underscore the urgency of expediting the project to ensure it reaches completion as early as possible, meeting both the expectations of the residents and the strategic objectives of the city’s infrastructure development plan.

We earnestly urge the Ministry to allocate necessary resources and streamline the construction process.

Additionally, we have full confidence in the expertise and dedication of the Provincial Road Engineer to promptly address any concerns raised by residents and stakeholders throughout the duration of the project.