Varakashi Expose Police Ineptitude
16 May 2024
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By A Correspondent|ZimEye

As Zimbabwe grapples with economic challenges, the emergence of illicit moneychangers has become a pressing issue in the streets of Harare. In a startling revelation, the Zanu PF Varakashi Team has accused police officers of turning a blind eye to these activities in exchange for kickbacks, thereby hindering government efforts to revive the economy through initiatives like the Zimbabwean Investment Guidelines (ZiG).

Varakashi Team , writing on Facebook, highlighted the brazen nature of police involvement, stating, “This is openly displayed, with megaphones shouting at Boka along Beatrice Road, and Southlea Park Police moving by getting tokens to keep a blind eye. Government needs to be serious with these saboteurs.”

These allegations paint a troubling picture of law enforcement’s role in combating economic crimes.

Despite government crackdowns and efforts to regulate currency exchange, the persistence of moneychangers suggests a deeper issue rooted in corruption and collusion.

The Varakashi Team’s accusations underscore the urgent need for accountability and transparency within law enforcement agencies.

While the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has denied any involvement in corrupt activities, skepticism remains high among the public.