Fake ZACC Cops Hit Zimbabwe
27 May 2024
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Surge in Imposters Posing as ZACC Officials Alarming Authorities

May 25, 2024 – Harare | The Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) has issued a stark warning about a troubling increase in individuals impersonating ZACC investigations officers. These imposters are targeting companies and individuals, extorting money under the pretense of levying fines or offering protection from alleged corruption charges.

In an urgent press release, ZACC alerted government officials, public entities, private sector stakeholders, and the general public to be vigilant. The Commission emphasized that these fraudulent activities are undermining the fight against corruption and exploiting the fear of prosecution among citizens.

**Key Points from ZACC’s Statement:**

– **Impersonation and Extortion**: Groups posing as ZACC officials are demanding payments from individuals and businesses, falsely claiming these funds are fines or protective measures against arrest and prosecution.

– **Public Alert**: The public is urged to report any suspicious activity or attempts at extortion to ZACC or the Zimbabwe Republic Police immediately.

– **Disavowing Fake Organizations**: ZACC distanced itself from numerous organizations falsely claiming affiliation with the Commission. These include entities such as Act Now Against Corruption, Coalition Against Corruption Trust, and Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Citizens Taskforce, among others.

ZACC clarified that it has no Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with these organizations and does not conduct business through them. However, the Commission remains open to formal agreements with legitimate civil society organizations engaged in anti-corruption efforts.

**Warning to Imposters**: ZACC issued a stern warning to those impersonating law enforcement officers, stating that such actions will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

### Guidance for the Public:
– **Verify Identities**: Immediately verify the identity of anyone claiming to be a ZACC official.
– **Do Not Pay**: Avoid paying any money to individuals claiming to represent ZACC, as its services are provided free of charge.
– **Report Suspicious Activity**: Report any suspected imposters to the nearest ZACC offices or police stations.

This surge in fraudulent activity comes at a critical time for Zimbabwe, as the nation grapples with ongoing corruption challenges. ZACC’s swift response aims to protect citizens and ensure the integrity of the country’s anti-corruption efforts.