South Africa Election Results So Far
30 May 2024
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South Africa’s Election Results So Far by 2 PM Pretoria Time.

By Farai D Hove | ZimEye | Pretoria, South Africa – **Breaking News: South Africa Election Results Declared by 3 PM**

**May 30, 2024**

In a significant development in South Africa’s political landscape, the preliminary election results as of 3 PM today have been announced, showcasing a diverse distribution of support across the nation.

The African National Congress (ANC) leads the race with 43.35% of the vote, securing a total of 949,352 votes. This places them ahead of the Democratic Alliance (DA), which has garnered 24.89% of the vote, translating to 545,037 votes.

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) stand in third place with 8.81% support, accumulating 192,919 votes. Close behind, the M.K. party has achieved 8.05% of the vote, totaling 176,224 votes.

Other notable parties include:
– Patriotic Alliance (PA): 4.09% (89,503 votes)
– Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP): 1.96% (42,954 votes)
– Freedom Front Plus (VF PLUS): 1.86% (40,727 votes)
– ActionSA: 0.8% (17,596 votes)
– African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP): 0.62% (13,624 votes)
– United Democratic Movement (UDM): 0.52% (11,467 votes)
– Congress of the People (CCC): 0.47% (10,204 votes)

Despite the significant votes counted, no party has secured seats yet, reflecting the proportional representation system’s complexity and the ongoing vote tally.

The election map highlights the ANC’s stronghold in various regions (marked in yellow), with notable support for the DA (blue) and EFF (red) in their respective strongholds. Other regions show a patchwork of support for smaller parties, indicating a highly competitive and fragmented electoral environment.

This election marks a crucial moment for South Africa as the country navigates through economic challenges and social issues. The ANC’s leading position demonstrates its enduring influence, while the DA and EFF’s substantial support reflects a desire for alternative governance among a significant portion of the electorate.

Stay tuned for further updates as more results are declared and the final composition of the National Assembly becomes clear.