Warrant of Arrest for “Crippled” ZANU PF Youth Leader Caught On Camera Dancing In SA Without Crutches After Duping Masvingo Magistrate
30 May 2024
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ZANU PF Youth Leader Delight Mandebvu Allegedly Dupes Court with Fake Injury, Faces Arrest Warrant

Masvingo, Zimbabwe | By A Correspondent | ZimEye |   In a shocking turn of events, ZANU PF Masvingo youth chairperson Delight Mandebvu, known for his dramatic flair, is now facing an arrest warrant after allegedly duping the court with false injury claims. Mandebvu, who is charged with three counts of assault, failed to appear in court today, prompting Magistrate Elizabeth Hanzi to issue the warrant.

Mandebvu’s charges arise from an incident on March 3, 2024, where he allegedly assaulted prominent Masvingo lawyer and former mayor Collen Maboke, his wife Tariro, and a relative Simbarashe Matyei after their vehicles sideswiped along the Masvingo-Bikita road. The accused appeared in court two weeks ago, dramatically limping with crutches and sporting a plaster on his left leg, claiming Maboke had run him over.

Despite his theatrical court appearance, video footage has emerged showing Mandebvu dancing energetically and participating in election activities in South Africa. The footage, which surfaced online last week, depicts Mandebvu clad in ANC regalia, dancing and toyi-toying with vigor, casting doubt on his alleged injuries.

Prosecutor Godknows Mugondo, citing Mandebvu’s failure to show up or communicate with the court, applied for the arrest warrant. The court’s patience ran out as Mandebvu’s antics became increasingly questionable.

In a letter dated May 27, 2024, Mandebvu’s lawyers, Machaya and Associates, informed the prosecutor that their client was in South Africa on national duty, as part of a ZANU PF youth contingent supporting the African National Congress (ANC) in their national elections. The letter requested a postponement of the trial to June, asserting Mandebvu would return on May 30, 2024.

“Please note that our client indeed advised us of the date, however we are requesting a postponement of the matter to any date in June. This has been caused by the fact that our client is out on national duty in South Africa where he is part of the ZANU PF youth league observer team. He will be back on 30 May 2024…We are proposing the 10th of June 2024 as the trial date,” reads part of the letter.

Mandebvu’s initial court appearance two weeks ago was marked by his claims of being unable to walk and needing time to find a lawyer outside the province, alleging local lawyers were shunning him. Last Tuesday, he returned to court, pleading for another week to secure legal representation.

However, the recent footage of him energetically participating in election rallies in South Africa starkly contrasts his court demeanor, leading to questions about the authenticity of his injury claims. The court, now skeptical of Mandebvu’s dramatics, has issued the warrant to ensure he stands trial.

This latest development adds a dramatic twist to the legal proceedings, with Mandebvu’s theatrics under the spotlight as the case continues to unfold amidst South Africa’s high-stakes election season.