Hopewell Chin’ono Publicly Recommended Fake NHS Scientist Before She Duped British Citizen of USD 17,000
8 June 2024
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By A Correspondent | ZimEye | Opaque activist Hopewell Chin’ono endorsed Rumbidzai Madiri, who falsely claims to be a National Health Service (NHS) scientist before defrauding a British citizen of GBP17,000.

Chin’ono’s Facebook posts from November 2023 explicitly recommend Madiri, praising her with the words, “A smart mind makes everything look good👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿”. In his posts, he acknowledged her public claims of being an NHS scientist, giving her a veneer of credibility.

However, it has now emerged that Madiri has been posing in photographs behind the NHS logo, misleading the public into believing she works for the organization, when in fact she does not. This deceptive appearance facilitated her fraudulent activities.

Fashion Police post
Chats from recommendations…

In December 2023, Madiri took £17,000 from a British client, promising to produce Certificate of Sponsorship (COS) papers. Despite her claims of being merely a messenger or “asina mbonje” agent, recordings reveal that she acted as a supplier of COS papers, contradicting her defense.

When approached for comment prior to publication, Madiri reacted angrily, raising her voice and disrupting conversations instead of acknowledging her wrongdoing.

This revelation raises significant concerns about how such endorsements can mislead the public and cause substantial harm.

Hopewell Chin’ono himself has for years been known a “pressure-rist” over many Zimbabweans including Nelson Chamisa who he says cannot run the country because he is “poor.” Chin’ono says Chamisa can’t be president because unlike Emmanuel Macron, he has no money and no structures | Chin’ono, who changed his own name when his best friends were convicted of cheque fraud in UK, is still to disclose the dealership he claims made him property rich through a £50,000 sports car loan in 1996. 

He writes saying:

“…Emmanuel Macron won in France and not in Africa, the realities of the two political landscapes should be studied and not compared without nuance.

Now lastly, Macron was a senior civil servant in France in the Inspectorate General of finances, he also worked as an investment banker at Rothschild Bank, after that he worked as deputy secretary general President Francois Hollande and became his advisor.
He became Minister of Economics, Industry and Technology, put simply, he was no ordinary guy.
He understood the political system and the global economic system so he was backed by solid money and not by random donations as candidates turn to do in Africa.

Contrary to what many also say, he actually ran under the banner of the En Marche, a centrist and pro-European political movement he founded in 2016.

It is important for anyone running as an independent presidential candidate to understand the unique political dynamics and differences between countries like France and Zimbabwe, and to understand that Macron was not just by himself.

What should be accentuated is that he didn’t use the traditional political parties, but he did have a vehicle.

Successful presidential campaigns in Africa require more than popularity, they require a strong and well organised political structure to scaffold the candidate and also financial backing because in fighting a ZANUPF candidate, you are essentially fighting the whole state.

Can one man fight a whole State and win in Zimbabwe or Africa?

No such chance and attempting to do so will show a lack of seriousness if one ever tried do it in-spite of all the evidence around us showing that doing so is a total lack of local political foresight…” – Hopewell Chin’ono.


The activist who calls self by the gangsterish TB Joshua style “Daddy” title, has spent the last 6 years advising the Zimbabwe military to descend on Nelson Chamisa led tortuted activists he accuses of causing tension in the country.

He says he is the nation’s Daddy who alone exposes corruption, and he was catapulted into political stardom after the military regime he supports slapped him with charges of incitement to violence in July 2020. In the period 2021 to 2023, he has operated layers of accusations against Chamisa which include his prediction that Chamiaa was going to split his party and to lose the 2023 elections because according to him he did not conduct register to vote rallies in 2022.


Chamisa ran nearly a thousand such rallies in 2022 alone. This time, Chin’ono has shifted to say Chamisa split his party because he is against structures.

Victims are urged to come forward and share their experiences to prevent further fraud.


If you have been similarly affected or have any information regarding this case, please contact us. Your story could help others avoid falling prey to such deceitful practices.