Chivhayo Pockets Mnangagwa
11 June 2024
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By Political Reporter- Well-known criminal and Zanu PF apologist Wicknell Chivhayo, has openly claimed to wield significant influence over President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

In a recently leaked audio that went viral over the weekend, Chivhayo is heard boasting to his fellow crooks about his control over the President.

He confidently asserts that he can direct Mnangagwa’s actions due to his close ties with the head of state, which he exploits to secure lucrative government contracts.

“I have captured this state entity with my bare hands,” Chivhayo declared, revealing his current focus on securing grain tenders amidst the drought.
“Right now, there is a drought. We will just create a structure, and suddenly, we are recognized as the main suppliers of grain in the country. We submit an application, and it’s immediately stated that Militech is supplying all the grain. It’s the company that has won the contract. Boom! Advance payment: and we start functioning immediately,” he detailed.

Chivhayo has reportedly been instrumental for Mnangagwa in recruiting celebrity support for Zanu PF, often by purchasing luxury cars for these influencers.