Tsvangirai Exposes New Dispensation Blue Lies
11 June 2024
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By A Correspondent

In the heart of Norton, lies a tale of neglect and danger that affects the most vulnerable members of society – delivering mothers.

The plight of these women, who arrive at the Norton Hospital maternity ward full of hope and anticipation, is one tainted by the inadequate and unsanitary conditions they are forced to endure during a critical moment in their lives.

Norton MP Hon Richard Tsvangirai recently shone a light on this unsettling reality, criticizing the Zanu PF regime for failing to prioritize the well-being of delivering mothers in his constituency. In a scathing remark, he highlighted the perilous state of the main hospital and the unacceptable conditions faced by new mothers.

“Mnangagwa’s regime is killing delivering mothers softly by ignoring the dire situation at Norton Hospital,” Hon Tsvangirai emphasized.

The maternity ward at Norton Hospital witnesses the birth of 150 to 200 babies each month, a commendable effort facilitated by the dedicated nurses.

However, this noble work is overshadowed by a chilling reality – new mothers are compelled to bathe in a dirty and filthy tub.

This lack of hygiene not only strips these women of their dignity but also exposes them to unnecessary health risks.

“There’s no disease prevention while using that bath tub,” Hon Tsvangirai lamented, highlighting the immediate need for urgent action to rectify this appalling situation.

Adding to the dismay is the revelation that the Norton town council, responsible for collecting hospital fees, operates with a substantial budget. The question of why this management fails to address such a basic need as replacing the dilapidated bath tub remains unanswered.

The funds allocated for the betterment of healthcare infrastructure and the well-being of patients seem to have vanished into a void of neglect and mismanagement.

“The Norton town council has a duty to ensure that the facilities at Norton Hospital are conducive for the well-being of both patients and staff. It is an utter disgrace that delivering mothers are subjected to such deplorable conditions,” Hon Tsvangirai expressed, echoing the exasperation of many within the community.

The inadequacies within Norton Hospital serve as a stark reminder of the urgent reforms needed within the healthcare sector in Zimbabwe.

The lives of delivering mothers, who already navigate a precarious journey, should not be jeopardized due to the negligence and oversight of those in power.