Mohadi In Health Scare  
16 June 2024
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By Political Reporter- Vice President Kembo Mohadi Friday failed to finish his speech at an event held to donate laptops at Manama High School, Gwanda South, after he experienced a severe bout of coughing, forcing him to pause his speech and request water.

Throughout the event, he appeared pale and tired.

Despite his appearance, the 74-year-old Vice President dismissed rumours about his deteriorating health, asserting that he is fit but feeling the effects of old age.

“I am not sick, but I am getting old; that’s why I drink water a lot,” Mohadi stated. “Manama High School stands shoulder high to all other institutions in this country because it contributed immensely to the liberation struggle. It is very sentimental for us to be here, and it is equally depressing to see that some of the structures here need a lot of touch-up. I can’t…,” he said, trailing off.

Zanu PF Director of Information, Farai Marapira, expressed confidence in the health of the party’s leaders. “We are confident in all our leaders’ health. We are not worried about circulating rumors and are focused on the economy and our mandate to the people of Zimbabwe. We will not be moved by public opinion. This is being done by those who were elected but are not focused on their roles and want to tarnish our leaders. As Zanu PF, we remain focused on the economy,” he said.

An anonymous analyst, fearing reprisal, told The Mirror that Mohadi is ill but unlikely to resign due to his desire to maintain power and influence. “He will obviously not step down because that will be the end of his power and influence. He wants to hold on to his post in every way possible. He keeps a busy schedule when he should give his body ample time to recuperate and rest. What worries me the most is that youth are blindly following these ailing men and will rule when they are also old,” the analyst said.

Former CCC president Nelson Chamisa emphasized the importance of a culture of resting and retiring, rather than collapsing and dying in office.

Concerns about Mohadi’s health were heightened last October after he allegedly collapsed during the Gutu West parliamentary by-election launch, leading to security personnel forcing journalists to delete videos of the incident. Mohadi, who was campaigning for Zanu PF youth leader John Paradza, reportedly also collapsed at the University of Zimbabwe while delivering an Africa Day public lecture. He struggled to stand and had to complete the lecture seated.

The latest incident at Manama marks the third time Mohadi has publicly shown signs of ill health, leading to increasing scrutiny and debate about his condition.

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