Richard Tsvangirai Successfully Pushes For Construction Of Radiology Centre…
16 June 2024
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By A Correspondent

The Norton Town Council has announced the commencement of construction for a much-anticipated Radiology Centre at Norton Hospital, marking a significant step forward in local healthcare infrastructure.

According to the council’s statement released on Friday, plans and drawings for the Radiology (X-Ray) Centre have been finalized, with an initial procurement of 40,000 bricks to kickstart the construction process.

The project, identified as one of the flagship initiatives for 2024, aims to bring essential diagnostic services closer to residents in Norton.

Speaking on the initiative, Norton Member of Parliament Richard Tsvangirai expressed his enthusiasm for the development, emphasizing its potential impact on local healthcare accessibility. He stated, “This is a welcome development. Norton residents have long faced challenges accessing affordable diagnostic services, often having to resort to expensive private hospitals.

I have consistently raised this concern with the relevant ministry, and I am hopeful that measures are being taken to expedite the process.”

The Radiology Centre project has garnered support from key government ministries, including the Ministry of Local Government and Public Works, as well as the Ministry of Health and Child Care, underscoring its importance in enhancing healthcare delivery within the Norton community.

As construction progresses, local authorities and stakeholders are optimistic that the new facility will not only alleviate the burden on residents seeking diagnostic services but also contribute to broader improvements in healthcare infrastructure across Norton.