Hopewell Chin’ono Has Stolen More Untraceable Money Than Wicknell Chivayo: FULL DETAILS
21 June 2024
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The ZimEye news network, being Africa’s only network that worked on the GoldMafia investigation for 7 years since 2015, is appalled by a certain Mr Hopewell Chin’ono’s “do nothing” harrassments against Nelson Chamisa’s leadership in his claims that they (the Chamisas) have not done anything on the scandal.

Mr Hopewell Chin’ono has no right to associate himself with the GoldMafia investigation he singularly worked to shutdown by harassing the same parliamentary-prosecutors, the Nelson Chamisa led party, using worse “do nothing” / ‘muchaita sei’ algorithm attacks than those used by Uebert Angel aides, Passion Java and Kudzai Mutisi. Even Google has recorded a drop in online interest over the investigation following his (Chin’ono’s) anti Chamisa utterances made since the 15th April 2023.

For the avoidance of doubt, the Daddy character, will not be included in any Al Jazeera GoldMafia interview in future due to his clearly mafia-serving online statements that are worse than any accomplice has ever made, and also due to him being a proven danger to UK and Zimbabwe society.

No political party in all of Africa has collaborated with investigators to see that the mafia are prosecuted more than Nelson Chamisa’s leadership and any accusations against them especially those made by Mr Chin’ono only serve to cover up the wrongdoing, as is illustrated in the resource pack, ZimEye provides. Such must be condemned and dismissed.

And now over to Mr Hopewell Chin’ono’s: KENYA versus ZIMBABWE activism claim, with which he suggests the Kenyans are courageous and Zimbabweans aren’t: ⚡ When one does a simple scan of Chin’ono, the Daddy” character’s statements –  on one end *praising Kenyan protesters* while at the same time *accusing Zimbabwean protesters of being tension’ists (see pictures) funded by Western embassies* who must be visited regularly by the Defence Ministry (VP Chiwenga’s portfolio) in order to reduce their tension, they will learn the multiple case law that shows “Daddy” characters doing exactly what Mr Chin’ono is accused of by the Scottish rape victim Jean Gasho, of, online sex grooming publicly spoken of by NHS experts like Grace Mupfurutsa – scary detail that suggests the public has all this while been groomed online by the man who boasts of acquiring property-riches from a non existant existent UK bank/dealership’s £50,000 credit facility, all inconsistent statements that have helped make Chin’ono outmanouver every newspaper and every govt department, in ways that no threaten jobs of the likes of George Charamba (one of the whistleblowers over Chinono’s militaristic work) Nick Mangwana, while at the same time soiling the image of the so called new dispensation.

The difference between Kenya and Zimbabwe is that there is no Hopewell Chin’ono in Nairobi to advise the Defence Ministry to regularly visit these protesters so to reduce what he accuses them of 👉 “political tension,” as he has done for 6 years to date while constantly harassing these activists with opportunistic “do nothing” statements that the abused victims do not have capacity to “expose” corruption like him.

In Kenya there are no opportunistic corruption Daddy characters who use the Internet to claim they are genuine whistleblowers of thefts, when they cannot reveal the UK funders of their 1996 British sportscar £50,000 loan they claim made funded their property acquisitions, the way @⁨~Hopewell Chin’ono⁩ … When one understands this basic mathematic, they will obtain that Hopewell Chinono @daddyhope, who is well-reputed in the Zimbabwe UK community for cheque fraud operations committed since 1995 in the period he has changed his own name many times, proves in many ways to be worse than the Wicknell Chivayos he claims to have exposed having stolen more untraceable money than Chivayo.

The most basic computation will show that the man who accuses Chamisa of inaction in exposing corruption, Chin’ono has stolen more money and human life more than Wicknell Chivayo could ever do, and there is no breaking if a story he has done, in the same way he cannot call out Scott Sakupwanya, the real owner of the 2023 election tender; most importantly he cannot call out Chief J (Joseph Mhaka) the £1,3 milllion convicted UK cheque fraudster, because the day he does that, Mhaka will fire back with more evidence of Chin’ono’s illicit UK acquired wealth.

Some of money trail red flags are on:

1. The name of the bank that ‘dished’ a GBP50,000 UK sportscar loan Mr Hopewell Chin’ono announces funded his property acquisitions since 1996, that he boasts of making him a credible advisor who shouldn’t be questioned as he tells people : you don’t have a house or medical aid, etc so you shouldn’t ask me questions over inconsistencies. 
2. The USD16Billion that (as Motlanthe Commission established through the Finance Ministry) Zimbabwe lost in one day when Mr Hopewell Chin’ono advised the Defence Ministry to descend onto Zim activists in order to reduce tension.
3. A line by line response to the audit done by many who include Mr Hopewell Chin’ono’s former employer Geoff Nyarota in which Chinono failed the most basic proceeds of crime test.

– ZimEye