Chamisa Responds to ZEC’s Wicknell-Scandal-Denial with Bombshell Statement
23 June 2024
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By Dorrothy Moyo | ZimEye | Harare – In a dramatic escalation following the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission’s (ZEC) denial of allegations involving money laundering and election rigging, Zimbabwe’s most popular political leader, Nelson Chamisa, has dropped a bombshell statement. Chamisa’s response comes in the wake of a 64-page report and audio leaks suggesting illicit activities tied to the 2018 and 2023 elections.

Commenting on Saturday, Chamisa invoked a biblical proverb to underscore his message. He stated:

**”DECEIT INVITES TEARS… ‘Bread of deceit is sweet to a man; but afterwards his mouth shall be filled with gravel.’ Proverbs 20:17**

**Every deed done has consequences. Never embrace temporary gains or momentary pleasure and yet ignore the abiding consequences. All unjustly gotten gain and all the ill-gotten treasures and false delights of life end with and in tears. Blessed Sabbath! #Godisinit #JesusIsLord.”**

Chamisa’s poignant words suggest a call for accountability and a warning of the inevitable repercussions of corrupt actions. His statement has added fuel to the already intense political climate, calling into question the integrity of the recent elections and the officials involved.

The ZEC, in its Friday statement, had strongly refuted the claims, insisting that all procurements were above board and challenging the veracity of the allegations. The Commission emphasized that it followed due diligence in all its tender processes and dismissed any suggestions of misconduct as “inaccurate, misleading, and mischievous.”

As the saga unfolds, Chamisa’s response is expected to galvanize his supporters and increase pressure on the ZEC and other implicated individuals to address the serious accusations head-on. The political landscape in Zimbabwe remains highly charged as both sides continue to present their narratives.- ZimEye