Masvingo Coup Scare, Fresh Details Emerge
23 June 2024
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By Political Reporter- The government said the heavily guarded military convoy that passed through the Masving town en route to an undisclosed location, Friday raising fears of a possible military coup, was sanctioned by the state.

The convoy, which entered Zimbabwe via Beitbridge Border Post late Sunday night, was shrouded in mystery as government and military officials provided conflicting explanations for its presence.

Eyewitnesses reported seeing the convoy enter Masvingo just after midnight, guarded by Military Police at all intersections along Robert Mugabe Avenue.

The unusual activity prompted numerous calls to the Masvingo Mirror, with residents anxious to learn the convoy’s destination and cargo.

Sources within the military hinted that President Emmerson Mnangagwa is on high alert, fearing potential civil unrest fueled by allegations of high-level corruption within the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) and other public institutions.

The convoy was speculated to be headed towards a Zimbabwean military barracks, possibly carrying military assistance requested from Russian President Vladimir Putin.

However, the narrative took a twist with conflicting statements from officials. A statement from Defence Minister Oppah Muchinguri’s office claimed the convoy was part of the Lesotho Defence Forces, traveling through Zimbabwe from Mozambique to Lesotho.

Contradicting this, Zimbabwe National Army spokesperson Colonel Alphios Makotore stated that the Lesotho Defence Forces were actually moving from Lesotho to Mozambique.

Presidential spokesperson George Charamba offered yet another explanation, asserting that the convoy was transporting food rations for Zimbabwe National Army drills. “It’s normal for the Military Police to escort such cargo,” Charamba said. “If they were weapons, why would we let them pass through South Africa?”

Charamba also attempted to downplay concerns, emphasising that Zimbabwe has no need to arm itself and attributing recent tensions to misunderstandings involving neighbouring Zambia.

Despite these reassurances, the presence of the convoy has left many Zimbabweans unsettled.

Further complicating the situation, a statement from the International Crisis Group noted that Lesotho and Botswana had withdrawn their troops from Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado Province in April, contradicting claims that the convoy was related to ongoing SADC military operations.

As speculation mounts and fears of a coup linger, the Zimbabwean public remains on edge, wary of the military’s next move and the potential implications for the nation’s stability.

Source-Masvingo Mirror