Welshman, Another ED Creation
24 June 2024
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By Leonard Koni | A mystery takes time to unfold. A lot of people in the opposition sect, especially those who were in the CCC led by Nelson Chamisa, wondered what had really hit their political party when Sengezo Tshabangu started recalling members of the CCC with the help of Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda.

Toni Namate cartoon

Whatever he touches, it dies. He killed MDC-N and is now on the verge of killing CCC. He is a bonafide undertaker.

It is now crystal clear who was behind all this drama and who put the tortoise on the lamp post. This is now a golden chance for Nelson Chamisa, who has a bigger fish to fry and must now start to chart a clear political trajectory without the presence of power-hungry people like Welshman Ncube and his maruva cabal.

They are in it for money, and they know that they no longer hold any political power, which signals the end of their political careers.

Zimbabweans are not stupid, and I am surprised that some people masquerading as politicians always fail to read the mood within the people. Mwonzora did the same, and where is he now with his group of charlatans?

After Mnangagwa’s failed project to use Douglas Mwonzora as a Zanu PF proxy, he started trying to consolidate power by capturing the opposition and finally landed at Welshman Ncube, who donated seats to him during last year’s by-elections, which Ncube failed to field candidates.

Welshman Ncube has always been known for scoring his own goals when it comes to politics and leadership.

The MDC split in 2005, with Ncube leading the smaller faction, Movement for Democratic Change (Ncube), while Morgan Tsvangirai led the larger faction, Movement for Democratic Change (Tsvangirai).

Ncube cannot be trusted in any kind of political organisation or set-up. How can he engineer the recall of members when he was facing internal fights within CCC?

The love of positions is what Welshman Ncube is more interested in. Nelson Chamisa is trying to remove people who are elitist.

He is that kind of politician who always survives manipulation. He is actually a mole fighting for Zanu PF bidding who pretends to be with people while advancing his selfish agenda. 

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