NEW SADC EVIDENCE?: Wicknell Election Scandal Unveiled: Key Players Threaten to Expose Rigging Tactics
26 June 2024
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By A Correspondent | Analysis | In a stunning turn of events, Mike Chimombe and Moses Mpofu, notable partners of Scott Sakupwanya’s USD 40 million ballot printing tender for the 2023 elections, have found themselves at the center of an explosive controversy. Arriving at Robert Mugabe International Airport on an Emirates flight, the duo was swiftly escorted through the VIP section by officers from Zimbabwe’s Central Intelligence Organization (CIO), led by Walter Tapfumaneyi, the Deputy Director General and head of the ruling FAZ.

Close sources revealed that Chimombe and Mpofu have informed the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) of their inside knowledge on how the 2023 election was allegedly rigged. The two claim to have supplied crucial materials for the election process, working in tandem with controversial Mnangagwa associate Wicknell Chivayo. They have warned that if they face arrest, they will disclose detailed information on the rigging methods employed, specifically focusing on ballot printing techniques.

This revelation aligns with observations from the Southern African Development Community (SADC) mission, which highlighted that the low supply of ballots compromised the election’s integrity. The accusations from Chimombe and Mpofu add weight to these concerns, suggesting a deliberate manipulation of ballot availability to influence the election outcome.

Further complicating matters, the pair is reportedly being protected by Kuda Tagwirei, a powerful figure within Zimbabwe’s political landscape. This protection is part of broader disputes over lucrative government tenders, including a significant deal with Starlink that involved President Mnangagwa’s children.

The CIO was still to comment over the allegations, at the time of writing.

As the scandal unfolds, the credibility of Zimbabwe’s 2023 elections hangs in the balance, with potential far-reaching implications for the country’s political future. The coming days are expected to reveal more about the extent of the alleged electoral malpractice and the key players involved.